When I'm not working, you can find me engaged in one of a number of my other passions (described in varying detail below for your perusal). Always happy to chat with fellow or budding enthusiasts (or those with just a passing interest)!


"There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are." ~Enrst Hass

I have been an avid photographer since college, where I served as a Staff Photographer and Assistant Photo Editor of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. In my time with the Collegian I covered a myriad of events from lectures to protests, but became particularly fond of covering UMass Athletics. I also wrote exactly one article.

My time with the Collegian may have ended, but my love affair with photography has only strengthened. I continue to hone my photography skills with everything from trips abroad to walks in the local park. Photography forces me to see the world differently and notice things others might pass by without another glance. I find photography to be the perfect blend of technical and artistic, simultaneously engaging my brain and giving it a respite from its normal functions. In addition to digital photography, I have recently begun experimenting with 35mm film.

Samples of my photography can be seen below and you can find more of my work on Instagram.

Photo collage Photo collage
Photo collage

Row 1: Venice, Italy; Florence, Italy; Sone Arch Bridge--Minneapolis, MN; Minneapolis, MN; Boston, MA

Row 2: The Vessel--New York City; St. Ignace, MI; Henry's Lake--Island Park, ID; Lucky Peak Resevoir--Boise, ID; FAA Site on Sawtelle Peak Island Park, ID

Row 3: Detroit Zoo--Royal Oak, MI; Como Park Conservatory--St. Paul, MN; New York City; Boston, MA; 4th of July fireworks--Boston, MA


With more time in the home office during the pandemic, I began exploring mechanical keyboards (and learning to solder). After my first build, a pretty basic 65% with MX red switches and GMK Nightrunner clones, I was hooked. I became intrigued by the different customization options and began experimenting with different board sizes, layouts, and switch types. I have since built several more boards (both for myself and others), including challenging myself with a through-hole board called the Mercutio.

I currently perfer a 40% form factor with tactile or clicky (when working from home) switches. My daily drivers are both Plancks, one with boba u4 switches (and blank key caps) and the other with Kailh box pale blue switches.

Additional Interests