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I am a PhD pre-candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan where I am advised by Michael Wellman. As a member of the Strategic Reasoning Group, I am currently conducting research strategic decision making in financial credit networks.

Research Interests

Multiagent systems, Computational economics, Applications of machine learning


Advanced Data Mining, Electronic Commerce (Algorithmic Game Theory)

Prior Work

Prior to graduate school, I attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Economics and a minor in Chinese. My interests are very interdisciplinary and I focused much of my undergraduate career on applying my computer science knowledge to address questions in fields such as medicine, national defense, and economics. In my final two semesters of my undergraduate years, I completed my Commonwealth Honors College Thesis advised by Brendan O'Connor and Arindrajit Dube at the University of Massachusetts Amherst entitled State Unemployment Forecasting Using Google Trends Time Series.